For pet lovers, the world is divided into dog lovers and cat lovers. Most people prefer dogs over cats for many reasons, of which one can be protected. Dog protects us from people who may try to harm us or loot from us. However, what if the protection itself becomes a life-threatening? Everything has a good and bad side, and by this, it does not mean some dogs are bad. All it means is some are dangerous and need to be trained before keeping it as a pet. Here are a few of the most dangerous dog breeds.


1. Doberman

Doberman is a breed of dog which looks sleek but is strong and powerful. However, the breed hasn’t caused much harm for the past few years and so has got a little bit of a good reputation. However, it is dangerous because it can kill its owner if not trained properly.

2. German shepherd

The German shepherd is one of the widely loved dog breeds. These breed of dogs are mostly used by the police force. They should be trained properly. Otherwise, they can harm or even kill animals smaller than them.

3. Rottweiler

Rottweiler is one of the wildest of the dangerous dog breeds. They should be trained with much care. When owned it obeys only one master. They are so life to threaten as they caused around half the deaths that happened because of a dog bite in the USA around 1993-1994.

4. Pit bull

Pit bulls are very dangerous as they attack even without being provoked. They are very strong and can easily kill a full grown man. Their bites are very powerful which might cause the victim a painful death. Pit bulls are so dangerous that they are banned in a lot of countries.

5. Great Dane

Great Danes grow to be a very calm looking dog. However, they can go from calm to dangerous without proper attention. They weigh about 200 lbs and grow pretty tall. A dog that weighs more than an average human and a tall one at that can be a pretty dangerous beast.

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