Beauty parlors charge a huge amount these days for cosmetic treatments, facials, etc. Hair care, facial care, skin care and body care have become quite costly nowadays. Not many people know that some simple and cost effective makeup tips that you can easily do at home can save you a great deal of money and make you look fresh and beautiful.


Here are 30 such incredible makeup tips that you can do easily:

1. Simple eye smudge

If you don’t want to spend a huge sum on an eye gel, you can make one yourself with the help of a simple eyeliner pencil and a lighter. Hold your eyeliner above the flame for about five seconds. The eyeliner starts thickening. Give it a few seconds to cool and then apply over your eyes for a thick application that accentuates the beauty of your eyes.

2. White eye liner

Sometimes, the eye shadow that you apply fades off in a while and solves no purpose. To make your eye shadow look nice and bright, close your eyes and apply a layer of white eye liner over them. Then, proceed to apply the eye shadow for a better look and appeal.

3. Plastic spoon

How many times do you smear eye mascara on your skin? If you want to master the art of applying eye mascara perfectly, you need to use a plastic spoon under your eyes. This way, the mascara doesn’t spill on your skin at all.

4. Get the order right

If you want to draw perfectly-shaped winged eyeliners, you have to first draw the image of the cat eye with your eye liner. Get the outline first and then fill in the blanks perfectly. Alternatively, you can also use tapes on the upper and eye low lid to get this process right.

5. Removing glitter nail polish

More often than not, glitter nail polish sticks on your fingers and doesn’t come off quickly. A simple trick to remove them is explained here – apply any school glue on nails directly without applying any base coat of nail polish. On the glue, now implement a layer of glitter nail polish. Later, when you want to remove it, it comes off quickly.

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