Technology has advanced to an extent where the powerful lenses can capture the color contrasts and the minutest details of the photograph. However, the youngsters are so caught up in their selfie worlds, that they do not realize that they are endangering their own lives.



1. Clicking a bullfight

When two bulls are fighting, the best thing to do is to stay away – not get there in the middle to click a selfie. David Lopez, 32, died when he was clicking this selfie.

2. Camels cant say cheese

This lady could not just stop with admiring the camel. She wanted a selfie with the animal, and the animal gave her something else! The sad truth was the camel bite fatal.

3. Driving and selfies don’t go together

Courtney Stanford was listening to the song Happy, and she wanted to click a selfie to post on Facebook and show her friends she was really happy.

4. Picturesque selfie – not so picturesque end!

This couple went on holiday and wanted to take a selfie to remind them of this moment forever. There was a slip, and the couple from Poland fell off the cliff and died.

5. Selfie up in the air

Little did 15-year-old Gary Slok know that his flight MH17 was not going to land at all? This little boy was setting out on vacation with his mother, and this picture was posted on facebook just before their flight took off.

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